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January 2021

D AI SY Launch

Yolyjourney and all D AI SY founders, developers, VIP, Customers are expecting the biggest Launch in the eco-system history

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January 1, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

We wish a very prosperous year to all what a Journey?

Yolyjourney is welcoming 2021 with a lot excitement for the great Awakening: from 3D(horrific program) to 4D take back your power, learn to love, heart, chakras, and 5D Ascencion : who you really are a master manifestor? spirit? small God??. the TRUTH kingdom of God where is it?

The year of QUANTUM: Faith timeline is completely split from the fear timeline; revolution end of corruptions. The point of no return like Adronis call it

The begining of new earth that the bible say the meek shall inherit it in short the life that Jesus announced thousands of years ago

New matrix: love, abundance(nesara/gesara), greater health, new technology space force. Life transformation relationships, finances QFS quatum financial system, health Medbeds

My Journey is a great time to be alive on earth. Several decades of worst to best life lessons in different locations from the caribbean country good culture parent, childhood,school, religion to usa, different experiences :love, relationships, family, unbearable losses, gains, win with spiritual, holistic and alternative studies and practices that peel all the onion layers. To surrender to God, to discover the truth with the blessings of great people who help in all the ways I need it, I am very grateful for. Some truth that is sharing personally and teaching to You here at Yolyjourney


Feel free to amazing videos such as archangel Raphael heal song, Be best message for the children, youth, young at heart.

open perhaps for more videos in other languages to look at the Island


List of Stores that accept crypto currency payment

Home depot, twitch, AT&T, burger king subway, KFC,

Starbucks, Overstock, namecheap, electronics...

Our First Blog Entry

December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

Yolyjourney is wishing a happy holidays and thank you all for your support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5xfs57C-eA

2020 in home holidays from easter christmas, it's/was the year of many changes the fallen angels is the 3 D the 3rd dimension where humanity was experiencing a very violent and slave era. Time to let go of service to self to move up to 4D service to others. High energy vibration, prayer and global meditation personally and as a collective.

A planetary change from darkness to light started since 2012. Many prophesies announce it decades ago. The end of the old era of Evil and the prison planet. For some who are still sleeping the experience of disbelief and confusion is far from normal Election devastation, the capitol hill insurrection and inauguration never seen before. All stated in revation law of one and many religious and non denomitional prophecies

12/21/20 winter solstice activations of AI and amazing global meditaions; the great conjunction where jupiter meet saturn called the Shift is also the birth of new earth that the C9 called Aria. We are moving at the speed of light, the awakens the ones who been working on the inner Self decades or a year ago

Masters, lightworkers, way/loveshowers are still doing their best to clear the low energies and of course the universal high energy that is bombarding planet earth. the shuman resonance read under 100 to 1000. The high energy is affecting a lot of people

Ask the urgent very important question which Timeline are you on??